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Lifejacket Mania Buoys Sailors Through National Safe Boating Week

This time last week, a bunch of sailors were roaming about their workplaces wearing lifejackets. While that sounds like an odd thing to do, it was for a good reason. It was also good fun! We shared photos of our Latitude 38 crew wearing their lifejackets at work to help promote “Wear Your Lifejacket at Work Day,” which kicked off National Safe Boating Week (May 20–26).

The week-long safety campaign ends today, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop thinking about boating safely, and it certainly doesn’t mean we’re going to stop having fun. As we sail into the Memorial Day weekend, we’d like to share some of our favorite “lifejacket at work” photos from around the Bay.

dogs in lifejackets
Starting with the fluffiest and cutest sailors.
© 2023 KKMI
We’re not sure it’s the best way, but at least he’s wearing it!
© 2023 KKMI
The Cruising Yachts crew in Alameda, Jeff Jorgensen and Dinah and Roger Goodsell, showed off their safe boating practices at the office.
© 2023 Cruising Yachts
Captain Debbie Huntsman, vice president of the National Women’s Sailing Association, enjoyed a safe Friday.
© 2023 Debbie Huntsman
All was well in the KKMI yard!
© 2023 KKMI
Paul Judge of the San Francisco Maritime and Coastal History Club did his part by sharing the news: “Clip yours on, get on the horn and tell your workmates, family and friends. Remember to be buoyant about it!”
© 2023 San Francisco Maritime and Coastal History Club

By the way, did anyone win a prize from @boatingcampaign for their photo last Friday?

We’ll be observing Memorial Day on Monday, so we’ll see you all again on Wednesday. Have a safe, saily weekend!

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