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Lia Ditton Just Keeps Rowing

Way back in November, sailor-turned-ocean-rower Lia Ditton wrote about her 24-day, 700-nautical-mile row from Oregon to California right here on ‘Lectronic Latitude.

Lia Ditton has “sailed the equivalent of eight laps of the globe; crossed an ocean three times alone, and [is] the 53rd woman to row the Atlantic,” her website said. “Now 38, I have spent 73 days in a row naked, eaten over two years’ worth of freeze-dried food and sailed a boat over 40mph!”
© 2020 Lia Ditton
Once Bay Area-based, Ditton has been training for more than three years to row from Japan to San Francisco — a distance of 5,500 nautical miles. If she succeeds, Ditton will become the first woman to accomplish the feat. She hopes to depart from Japan on her record-setting quest next month. Stay tuned for details.

Anyway, about a month ago, Ditton released a movie about her West Coast training row. For your Friday viewing pleasure, Latitude Nation:





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