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September 2017


Among all-time influential yachts


The Socratic Method

86The Latitude 38 Interview - Lia Ditton

Lia Ditton: Will attempt to become the first female to row solo across the North Pacific.

92The Phoenix of Hiroshima - May Rise From the Ashes Again

The Phoenix of Hiroshima would go to carry out the work of the Golden Rule, which was intercepted by the US Coast Guard for attempting to interfere with nuclear testing being conducted.

98Jump Recap - Passage- Makers’ Insights & Anecdotes

Pacific Puddle More than 200 boats from 23 nations registered with the 2017 Puddle Jump fleet.

104Max Ebb - Getting to the Bottom

Lee Helm builds a camera- equipped bottom brush.

114World of Chartering

Monkey Pirate: The Uninvited Charter Guest

120Changes in Latitudes

Moonshadow - Deerfoot 62 John and Debbie Rogers- Weather Forecasts and a Volcano (San Diego)