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Let It Snow

The frigid front sweeping down from the Arctic has caused Bay Area residents to hold their breath in anticipation all week. Forecasters have been understandably vague about the likelihood of snow sticking at sea level, but it’s made for interesting conversation on the docks. Last night’s heavy rains and this morning’s relatively warm temps have got some wondering if the snow will ever fall but forecasters insist elevations of 1,000-1,500 feet will surely see some of the white stuff later today, and that there’s still hope that those on the water might see a few flakes.

If snow does fall on the Bay, and you’re on your boat or go out sailing in it, we’d love to see some photos. What a great excuse to get a bunch of friends together: a snow-sailing party!

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"Hearing the news of the death of our friends Scott and Jean Adams of Quest, whom we knew from Tonga and New Zealand, we made the difficult but important decision to turn around and return to Cochin, India," report Chay, Katie and Jamie MacWilliams, veterans of the Ha-Ha aboard their Colorado-based Kelly-Peterson 46 Esprit.
John Kilroy Jr.’s TP 52 Samba Pa Ti frolicking in the Molokai channel on the way to the overall win in the ’09 TransPac.