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February 25, 2011

Let It Snow

The frigid front sweeping down from the Arctic has caused Bay Area residents to hold their breath in anticipation all week. Forecasters have been understandably vague about the likelihood of snow sticking at sea level, but it’s made for interesting conversation on the docks. Last night’s heavy rains and this morning’s relatively warm temps have got some wondering if the snow will ever fall but forecasters insist elevations of 1,000-1,500 feet will surely see some of the white stuff later today, and that there’s still hope that those on the water might see a few flakes.

If snow does fall on the Bay, and you’re on your boat or go out sailing in it, we’d love to see some photos. What a great excuse to get a bunch of friends together: a snow-sailing party!

Immediate Effect of the Quest Hijacking

"Hearing the news of the death of our friends Scott and Jean Adams of Quest, whom we knew from Tonga and New Zealand, we made the difficult but important decision to turn around and return to Cochin, India," report Chay, Katie and Jamie MacWilliams, veterans of the Ha-Ha aboard their Colorado-based Kelly-Peterson 46 Esprit. "This decision was based on the several items in addition to the shock of the news about our friends on Quest: 1) Very light winds; 2) A damaged prop which is causing us to consume diesel at a much higher rate than we would like; 3) The damaged prop means we can’t go as fast as we’d feel comfortable in these high-risk waters. Although there are reports of pirates in our path back to India, too, it’s not considered as high-risk an area as the one into which we were heading. Our ETA back into Cochin is Sunday, February 27. Once back and settled there, we will decide what are our next step will be."

How Much to TransPac

John Kilroy Jr.’s TP 52 Samba Pa Ti frolicking in the Molokai channel on the way to the overall win in the ’09 TransPac. Ever wonder what the entry fee for one of the world’s oldest ocean races is? Read on . . .

© Sharon Green

Ever wonder how much it costs to enter the Los Angeles to Honolulu TransPac? Well, we’ve got the answer — and some good news. The good news is that if you sign up by February 27 — that’s this Sunday — there are early entry discounts ranging from $250 to $2,500 depending on the size of your boat. Entry fees before the discounts are as follows:

Boats under 40 feet — $1,500
Boats under 59 feet — $2,300
Boats under 85 feet — $3,800
Boats 85 feet-plus — $8,000

Three things that are different about this year’s TransPac are that there will only be two starts (the slower boats start on July 4, and the second date isn’t set yet), that boats will be permitted to communicate by satphone in lieu of SSB radio, and racers will no longer have to prove they took at least one celestial sight. As for the entries, here’s the most current list — it is stacked with some serious bling:

Different Drummer, Fast 40, Frank Atkinson
Magnitude 80, Andrews 80, Doug Baker
Espiritu Santi, Atlantic 57 cat, Santiago Becerra
Peligroso, Kernan 70, Lorenzo Berho
Artemis, Andrews 53, Louis Bianco
Chasch Mer, SC 50, Gib Black
California Condor, Antrim Class 40, Buzz Blackett
CaZan,  DK / 46, Scott Bradley
Vincitore,  R/P 52, Ricardo Brockmann
Bebe, J-130, Charles Browning
Flaca, SC 50, Paul Casanova
O CANADA, Open 60, Richard Clarke
Narrow Escape, Fast 40, Greg Constable
Double Trouble, J-125, Andy Costello
NAOS two, Beneteau First 40, Charles-Etienne DEVANNEAUX
Holua, SC 70, Brack Duker
Relentless, SC 52, Will Durant
Wind Dancer, Catalina 42 Mk. I, Paul Edwards, M.D.
Bella Mente, R.P Mini Maxi, Hap Fauth
Locomotion, Andrews 45, Ed Feo
Relentless, Jeanneau Sunfast 3200, Peter Fray
Resolute, J/125, Tim Fuller
Peregrine, Hobie 33, Simon Garland
Gracie, Morris 46, Eric Gray
Prevail, SC 52, William Guilfoyle
Deception, SC 50, William Helvestine
Strewth, TP52, Geoff Hill
Bad Pak, J/145, Tom Holthus
Jazz, J-145,Ichiro Iraha
Pegasus-MotionX, Andrews 70, Philippe Kahn
DONNA J, S-40, Seiji Kawakami
Medicine Man, Andrews 63, Robert Lane
Traveler, North Wind 47, Michael Lawler
Pendragon VI, Davidson 70, John MacLaurin
Paddy Wagon, Ross 40, Richard Mainland
Hassle, Catalina 38, Larry Malmberg
Petite, X-41, Akio Matsumoto
Black Watch, C&C 39, Daniel Matthieu
Pyewacket, SC 70, William McClure
Grand Illusion, SC 70, James McDowell
Criminal Mischief, R/P 45, Chip Megeath
Truth, Eco 50, Alex Mehran Jr.
Allure, SC 50, Jim Morgan
Rio, TP52, Manouch Moshayedi
Bengal 7, Ohashi 46, Yoshihiko Murase
Alchemy, Andrews 70, Per Peterson
Bolt, N/M 55, Craig L Reynolds
Patches, TP 52, Jorge Ripstein
Katana, Kernan 47, Laura Schlessinger
Cheetah, Peterson 68, Chris Slagerman
Peregrine, Catalina 38, Steve Smolinske
Horizon, SC 50, Jack Taylor
Condor, Andrews 70, Lindy Thomas
Bodacious 3, R/P 45, Jeffrey Urbina
Van Diemen, Muir 64, Robert Vaughan
Paranoia, SC 52, Rick von Heydenreich
Ragtime, Spencer 65, Chris Welsh
J World’s Hula Girl, SC 50T, Wayne Zittel

Preparations for the Oracle RC44 Cup San Diego are already underway on the Boradway Pier in the heart of Downtown.
‘Stunned’ is the only word that can describe our reaction to the murders yesterday, at the hands of Somali pirates, of veteran cruisers Scott and Jean Adam of the Marina del Rey-based Davidson 58 Quest and their Seattle crew Robert Riggle and Phyllis Macay.