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Latitude Needs Your Help

From Race Editor Rob: If you’re planning on hanging around the party at this weekend’s Great Pumpkin Regatta over at Richmond YC, we need your help! Due to a prior commitment, we won’t be able to hang out at the club long enough for the wearers to appropriate the various personae of their costumes! So if you’re going, make sure you take your digital camera with you. We’re looking for the best of the best — like the one below — so take some good one’s and send them here.

This is the kind of photo we’re looking for. It’s got action, a smile, a scowl and no small amount of wholly appropriate mystery.

© 2009 Rich Hudnut Jr.

From the Grand Poobah: We are still desperately looking for kind and generous souls who are flying or driving to Cabo San Lucas to meet the Baja Ha-Ha fleet to take bundles of the hot-off-the-press November issue with them. Each full bundle weighs 7 lbs and measures 8" x 10.25" x 4" and will be available for pick-up on October 30. We can also have bundles delivered, but that process takes a few days so it would only be an option for those leaving November 5 or later. Please contact Colleen (regarding magazine delivery only) by 10 p.m. this Sunday so she knows how many extra bundles to order. Time is of the essence and you will be greatly rewarded in Cabo with official ‘swag’, some margaritas and the undying gratitude of the entire Ha-Ha fleet!

You probably won’t want to stuff a bundle of Latitude’s in your carry-on, but one or two might fit nicely in checked luggage.

© Latitude 38 Media, LLC

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