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Latitude Nation Does it Again: We Found ‘Kate II’

Last Friday we put out a request to our readers to find a long-lost love. The missing love was a sailboat (of course) — the former flagship of St. Francis Yacht Club, Kate II. Kimball Livingston emailed us to ask us to help find Kate II, saying, “… made me a happy skipper.”

Kate II, seen here on New Year’s Day 2020 at Emery Cove, is a 1946 Seaborn 46 sloop.
© 2021 John Skoriak

While we didn’t get dozens of responses to our request, we did get the one that answered the question, “Have you seen Kate II, or do you know her current location?” Kimball wrote to us again and told us that Kate II is in the Delta …

“Am now in touch with Kevin Hinman, current owner of Kate II, who is presently re-caulking the decks and refinishing the brightwork.

“The boat is in the Delta now but will be returning to San Francisco Bay, and Kevin professes to be keen to take me sailing. We’ll see how that goes, but the immediate mission is fulfilled.

“I knew that Latitude could do it. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, Sausalito sailor John ‘Woody’ Skoriak has emailed us with some additional background information on Kate II.

Woody tells us the vessel was donated to Call of the Sea (COTS) about five years ago. She was hauled out to effect some repairs to leaky seams and was then sailed on the Bay over the next two to three years. Her last skipper bought the boat from COTS, but sold her in March 2020.

Getting a spruce-up at KKMI.
© 2021 John Skoriak

Kate II was a very pretty boat, well built. Had a very thorough refit years ago at KKMI Richmond. It was a Ben Seaborn design built in Seattle by Blanchard Boatworks, which was renowned for building beautiful classic motor yachts, especially fantail yachts.”

Kate II under sail
She was a beautiful sight during her time on the Bay.
© 2021 Peter Szasz

“The beautiful 1922 fantail motor yacht Wanda that has been around Sausalito and San Rafael for many years (since the 1980s) is a Blanchard. (Paul Stevenson [of Suisun fame] and I used to run Wanda for an insurance guy when it was in downtown Sausalito.)”

If we receive any current photos of Kate II, we’ll be sure to share those with you as well.



  1. Lorraine Weiss 3 years ago

    Any chance you can find Tiara Moana, a Ranger 33? The boat I grew up on.

    Much appreciated!
    Lorraine Weiss
    S/V Sweet Lorraine

  2. Bob Rogers 3 years ago

    Looking forward to SUNDA’s (1941 Ben Seaborn 35′ (loa) sloop) big sister returning to the Bay.

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