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Are ‘Latitude 38’ and Sailing the Cure for ADHD?

When facing the frenzy of incoming messages arriving on multiple channels, we occasionally pause to wonder how to manage it all. Now, hmmm … where were we going with this? Oh, yeah, the cure for ADHD. It’s incredibly hard to stay focused with the internet at our fingertips. To improve at anything, including focus, takes practice. We believe disconnecting from our digital umbilical cord to spend time immersed in the pages of Latitude 38 creates the ideal conditions for practicing focus.

The thought came to us when, while monitoring our email channel, we happily found this photo of the smiling Dana Ochstein from Spinnaker Sailing Redwood City, sent in by Rich Ferrari. Spinnaker Sailing is one of almost 700 Latitude 38 distribution locations from which you can pick up a magazine to practice your focus. Rich relayed, “It does seem like we are getting a few more people coming into the office these days and picking up a Latitude. We have them prominently displayed as you come into the office.”

The Cure for ADHD - Latitude 38
This is not a computer-generated image. This is Dana Ochstein smiling at Spinnaker Sailing Redwood City, where you can talk with real people, pick up a real copy of Latitude 38, and go sailing outdoors on real water.
© 2023 Rich Ferrari

Latitude 38 would also be a good antidote for all those Silicon Valley engineers and venture capitalists, who are feverishly working to develop AI so large language models can generate the language and photos on this page while we are out sailing. Perhaps, when AI development is complete, engineers and everyone will have more time for sailing while the bots share all of our personal experiences. Regardless, the Bay Area is crowded with sailing schools and charter boats ready to teach them and anyone else to sail.

Spinnaker Sailing Redwood City One Design Regatta
Welcome to reality. AI engineers can get real by grabbing the ultimate joystick — a tiller — and sailing the Bay.
© 2023 Rich Ferrari

We remain forever tortured by the allure of the latest nanosecond-paced technology, and by the peace we find reading and sailing. We always find it rewarding to downshift from digital life to sailing, or turning the printed page.

When you’re ready for the real thing, we encourage you to get out on the Bay and get down to one of Latitude 38‘s many distributors to pick up a magazine. As a bonus, you’ll find real people at these locations ready to greet you with a smile.

Overcoming ADHD isn’t easy, but sailing and reading can help.

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