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The Latest America’s Cup News

Carbon boats and carbonated beverages are both part of the 2021 America’s Cup, but many sailors are thinking there must be another sponsor announcement coming soon to add to the mix.

America's Cup News - Coca Cola Official Sponsor
Ice, coke and ________________?
© 2020 America's Cup

More importantly, New Zealand has launched their second boat, which took its first sail and, like all the boats, seems to have the basics all dialed in.

It will all get much more interesting once they start lining up against each other. The first racing between the teams will be the Prada America’s Cup World Series Auckland and Christmas Race coming up on December 17-20. At this time, due to COVID, Americans are not allowed to travel to New Zealand to see the America’s Cup, but they can enjoy a Coke and something.

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    Bill Schaumburg 5 months ago

    But I like sugar (re: sponsor ad photo). The diet stuff does not balance well with rum or any other known adult beverage. Adult beverage? Maybe not. Brings back memories of high school. Glad to see support for the sport.

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