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Jeanne Socrates Zeroing in on West Coast

We are a little reluctant to say that any sailor  is in the homestretch — especially a circumnavigator who has been sailing around the world for going on a year now. But we’re not sure what else to call Jeanne Socrates’ position other than the final leg of a long lap around the world with home well and truly on the horizon.

Almost . . . there . . . Jeanne Socrates blasted past latitude 38 and has been bee-ish-lining it for the west coast of Canada.

On her final Pacific leg, Socrates has dealt with quite literally every type of weather, including a pair of tropical storms around Hawaii. Now, she’s battling through light winds on her approach to Victoria, B.C. “If we head directly for the ‘barn door’, it seems we’d end up becalmed again in the next high coming along in a few days’ time,” Socrates wrote on her blog.”Better to keep heading more north to keep away from its center and in better wind. Will make as much easting as possible, but will try to avoid those light winds.”

Jeanne Socrates has been in her element since nearly this time last year.
© 2019 Jeanne Socrates

But last weekend, Socrates was dodging lows. “Wind got up and we’ve been making good speed — but with no reefs in, feeling ‘at risk’ so I need to start reefing down. The low is supposed to be moving quickly so I don’t want to be caught out with too much sail.”

More than a hot shower, we bet Socrates just wants a steady breeze.

It’s not clear to us how  close Jeanne Socrates is to Victoria, and, again, we’d be reluctant to say anyway. But regardless, the now 77-year-old Englishwoman has put together an amazing, grueling and awe-inspiriting circumnavigation. We wait with bated breath for her to set foot on land.


  1. Sheila Mckinnon 4 years ago

    Go Jeanne! Go!

  2. Rosalie 4 years ago

    You’re amazing!! Hope to meet you again when you land.

  3. Sherri Wilkinson 4 years ago

    Awesome! Keep it going on til you land! Very proud of you fellow septuagenarian sailor!

  4. Keith 4 years ago

    All the best!

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