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It’s a Good Day for Good Jibes!

What a perfect day! If you’re getting the same rainy weather that we’re having here in the Bay Area, you might be feeling those “sit by the fire and listen to a good sailing story” vibes. Well, you’re in luck; today is Good Jibes day!

In this week’s episode, John Arndt chats with Moe Roddy about creating a lifetime of sailing experiences and finding empowerment in sailing. Moe is a racer and cruiser and was the second woman ever to finish the singlehanded leg of the Bermuda One-Two.

Moe Roddy
Moe Roddy.
© 2021 Marianne Groszko Lee


She’s a race committee volunteer, sits on the Board of the St. Francis Sailing Foundation, and uses her experience as a retired nurse to spread women’s heart disease awareness.

Hear Moe’s thoughts on how to get over being hesitant about sailing, why she got so involved in the racing community, her most memorable experiences on the water, what’s changed for women in sailing over the years, and the beauty of quiet time while crossing an ocean. This episode covers everything from learning how to sail to giving back to the racing community.

Check out the episode and show notes for more details.

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