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Have You Seen This Boat?

Jim Cotton sent us this postcard, a little the worse for wear after passing through the hands of the Postal Service. You’ll want to add a .net to the email address shown to make it work.

© 2018 Jim Cotton

Jim Cotton of Santa Rosa sent us this postcard of the 30-ft teak Tahiti ketch Torea. He’s hoping to find her and is even offering a $500 reward for information about her location.

Back in the late 1950s, Jim ran the job to build Torea of teak in the Philippines. The intent was to build a boat that would not dismast if she pitchpoled while rounding Cape Horn. She was launched in 1959, and Jim sailed her from the Philippines "through pirate country," into the Indian Ocean, under Africa, through the Caribbean and Panama to Hawaii. "I got stuck in Hawaii; I’m a surfer," he explained.

After 15 years, Jim sold Torea in Hawaii. She passed through many owners until Jamie White, who rigged Balclutha and Bounty among other tall ships, fell in love with her and rebuilt her. He had a hard time selling the old wooden boat, settling on a $6,000 sale price about five years ago. The new owner lived aboard her in Alameda. Jim got a tour of her, then a couple of years later the boat was gone and the owner would not return his calls.

"I’m very sentimental about the boat," he says. "I’d like to know what became of her. I would like to visit her. Is she in trouble? If the people are sick of her, I might like to buy her."

If you’ve seen Torea or know her whereabouts, please call Jim at (707) 539-1894.

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