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Hats Off!

"My boat partner snapped this shot while crossing the slot on our Islander 36 Shooter on the way to Sam’s for lunch," writes Norman Pearce. "But one of the boat’s rules is that we only retrieve hats if the head is still attached!"

While hats don’t make the most realistic ‘human substitutes’ for crew overboard drills, a lost hat is a really good excuse to practice your boat handling skills. But we can certainly understand that, after a hard day’s sail, a burger at Sam’s might occasionally beat out skill honing.

Speaking of which, we still want to hear about your favorite boat-in dining spot on the Bay or Delta. Send your suggestions, stories and photos to LaDonna.

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Memories of beautiful weather — even with the light winds and heavy ebb pushing us back toward Vallejo — will help this weekend’s cruise-out participants, including Buffalo Spirit’s Ruben and Robbie Gabriel, tough out today’s dismal conditions.