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February 14, 2011

It’s Been a Lovely Cruise…Out

Memories of beautiful weather — even with the light winds and heavy ebb pushing us back toward Vallejo — will help this weekend’s cruise-out participants, including Buffalo Spirit’s Ruben and Robbie Gabriel, tough out today’s dismal conditions.

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As a new member of the Vallejo YC, it was this reporter and her husband’s delight to take part in our first cruise-out as members this weekend. This year’s annual Sweetheart’s Cruise sent the fleet of 15-or-so boats the nine miles to Martinez Marina, where the Martinez YC hosted two very fattening meals on Friday and Saturday, and a rockin’ Valentine Party on Saturday night. And considering today’s misery in the weather department, this weekend’s cruise couldn’t have been better timed.

Cruise outs are a great way to make new friends, check out other people’s boats, and explore a new area.

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Grandma and Grandpa, Janet and Jim Pecorella, love taking Austin on cruise outs aboard their Gulfstar 37 Pelagian — and Austin loves it too!

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Whether you belong to a yacht club or not, cruise outs are an outstanding way to set a date to get your boat out of the slip. In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to say, "Oh, we’ll go out next weekend." Then six months goes by without stepping on your boat. But if you’ve committed to an outing with friends, it’s much harder to blow it off. So do your stress level a favor and either join your club’s next cruise out or organize one with some boat buddies — you won’t regret it!

Ken and Gail Hall of the Young Sun 35 Lady Hawk would like to leave you with a gentle reminder of what today is!

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Hats Off!

"My boat partner snapped this shot while crossing the slot on our Islander 36 Shooter on the way to Sam’s for lunch," writes Norman Pearce. "But one of the boat’s rules is that we only retrieve hats if the head is still attached!"

While hats don’t make the most realistic ‘human substitutes’ for crew overboard drills, a lost hat is a really good excuse to practice your boat handling skills. But we can certainly understand that, after a hard day’s sail, a burger at Sam’s might occasionally beat out skill honing.

Speaking of which, we still want to hear about your favorite boat-in dining spot on the Bay or Delta. Send your suggestions, stories and photos to LaDonna.

The family that soars together, smiles together. Life aboard La Loupiote is never dull.
The America’s Cup Racing area on your San Francisco Bay. © ACEA The America’s Cup Event Authority has released a map of the racing area for America’s Cup 34, and lo and behold, it looks a lot like what AC Race Management Director Iain Murray said it would back in early January.
"I’ve loved all the warm weather we’ve had after an awful start to winter," writes Jim Knowles of the South Bay-based Catalina 30 Reggae Morning, "and have done a lot more January and February sailing than I have in my entire life.
It looks like America’s Cup fever has taken hold all over the Bay Area, even at the telephone utilities.