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A Ha-Ha First as Fleet Watches Lightning Show

The 29th Baja Ha-Ha is well underway, with the fleet now coming to the end of Leg Two. After all the action of the Turtle Bay Beach Picnic, and the unfortunate boat sinking early Friday morning, we imagine the crews will be taking full advantage of today’s stop at Bahia Santa Maria. According to the Ha-Ha schedule, today is “a lazy lay-day meant for relaxing and exploring the Bay.” Although, before they even reached their destination, the fleet experienced more excitement, this time from the sky. The Poobah wrote on his Facebook page: “Bit o’ lightning last night as fleet approached Bahia Santa Maria. A Ha-Ha first.”

You don’t want it any closer than that!
© 2023 Richard Spindler

Not all the boats were in view of the lightning, and those that were kept an eye on their radars. Thankfully it was far enough in the distance and no damage has been reported. With that added to the events of Turtle Bay, a day of rest sounds welcoming. Plus, it’s a good plan ahead of tomorrow’s itinerary of “hiking, beach walking, sports, and the annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Beach Party.”

Profligate was among the first boats to arrive at today’s anchorage, and it didn’t take long for the crew to clean up and get into chill mode.

“On the hook at Bahia Santa Maria, cocktail in hand. Water temp is perfect for swimming.”
© 2023 Richard Spindler

And if you were wondering what it’s like to be a part of the Baja Ha-Ha, sailing alongside all those boats moving in the same direction, this video is from the first three hours of the second leg.

Wednesday will be an early start. Anchors up at 7 a.m. for Leg Three to Cabo San Lucas.

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