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Greetings From Sidney, British Columbia

While the winter solstice has passed, meaning the sun is headed our way for the upcoming summer, you wouldn’t know it from this shot of Jerry Keefe and Allison Lehman’s Sabre 426 Kingfisher. She’s waiting out the winter in Sidney, British Columbia, as she awaits her owners so she can start her Pacific Northwest summer cruising.

The Sabre 426 Kingfisher spent Christmas closer to the North Pole.
© 2022 Allison Lehman

While it’s typical for most Bay Area sailors to be dreaming of heading out the Gate and turning left, inexplicably, a good number turn right to trade palm trees for pine trees. We’re told summer in the San Juan and Gulf islands is filled with scenic, unspoiled anchorages, wildlife, and endless opportunities to explore the intricate coastline of the Pacific Northwest. The days are as long in the summer as they are short in the winter. The winds tend to be light, but the warm air and variety make it a popular cruising and charter destination.

We look forward to seeing some photos of summertime sailing in the Pacific Northwest. And everywhere else, too…

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