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A Good Weekend for the University of Hawaii

On Wednesday, we shared the story of the University of Hawaii’s winning the Port of L.A. Harbor Cup last weekend. While U. of Hawaii’s keelboat sailors were winning aboard the Catalina 37s down south, their FJ dinghy sailors were winning here on the Bay. Cal Maritime and the St. Francis Yacht Club hosted an intercollegiate regatta for 15 West Coast sailing teams on the Cityfront. U. of Hawaii arrived to turn the weekend’s Pineapple Express weather into a winning combination on keelboats and dinghies. The Pineapple Express leaves Hawaii as warm, moist air, but it feels a lot cooler when it arrives in the Bay Area.

Good close-quarter tactics get you to the top.
© 2023 Chris Ray

The University of Hawaii’s tropical sailing waters were miles away as the team arrived for another of California’s cold, windy weekends. After two days of racing it was the U. of H’s Rainbows that found the silver lining in the weekend’s gray weather.

It was wet, cool and breezy, but the racing carried on.
© 2023 Chris Ray
Intercollegiate Regatta
It’s tight quarters when 15 colleges are racing on the Cityfront.
© 2023 Chris Ray
Like their keelboat classmates down south, the University of Hawaii came out on top.
© 2023 Chris Ray

See the complete results here.

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