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Good Jibes Episode #8: Katie and Lyall Burgess

In this week’s episode of Good Jibes, Latitude 38‘s John Arndt chats with cruisers Katie and Lyall Burgess to talk about sailing around the world as a family and bringing their kids into the sailing culture. Katie and Lyall are the co-founders of Sun Powered Yachts and met while sailing in St. Lucia after the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) in 2011 — it was love at first sight.

This week’s podcast covers everything from boat schooling to beautiful islands, and in between the conversation turns to myriad topics including working from home (or in this case a boat), Tahiti, Moby Dick, and even Captain Ron! Hear how to sail the world with your family, live off the grid, balance working life and sailing life, find your home in the sailing community, and what Katie and Lyall claim as their favorite sailing adventures.

Katie & Lyall Burgess
This cruising family spent part of the winter sailing in Corsica.
© 2021 Katie & Lyall Burgess

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • What is Sun Powered Yachts?
  • How did Katie and Lyall go from backpacking to sailing?
  • What do their daughters do on the boat?
  • How do you turn a charter boat into a cruising boat?
  • What have Katie and Lyall done to prepare for long-term sailing?
  • Where does their philosophy of living off the grid come from?
  • What’s the value of bringing your kids into the sailing culture?
  • Tack or Jibe: If Katie and Lyall could sail anywhere, where would it be?

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  1. Jay Lambert 3 years ago

    The photo of the boat moored ostensibly in Corsica is actually on a day-use mooring right outside Honokohau
    Harbor on the Kona Coast of Hawaii island..

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