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Good Jibes #98: Live From the 2023 Transpac Aboard ‘Westerly’

This week’s hosts, John Arndt and Nicki Bennett, are joined by the winning Westerly crew LIVE from the 2023 Transpacific Yacht Race! Hear Santa Cruz 52 owner Dave Moore, watch captain Andy Schwenk, and support crew lead Jessica Offenberger in real time on Days 1, 8, and 9 of their triumphant Transpac journey.

Good Jibes #98 Westerly crew
The weather looks good in this pic., but how did they handle mid-ocean squalls?
© 2023 S/v Westerly

Hear the crew answer questions from Latitude 38 readers, share how they divide up their tasks, what’s different about their boat and the race from previous years, how to stay safe in the middle of the Pacific, and share stories of the beautiful flying fish, whales, and other sea life they’ve been able to say hello to on their way to victory.

This episode covers everything from not shaving to how far away the horizon is. Here’s a small sample:

  • How was Westerly’s start?
  • What was their goal for this race?
  • Has Andy Dippel always been so handsome?
  • Who’s in charge of cooking?
  • How do you manage squalls?
  • What’s different vs. previous Transpacs?
  • Are they seeing any boats?
  • What was their best guess for a finish time?

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