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Good Jibes #93: John Burnham on Telling Sailing Stories

This week’s host, John Arndt, is joined by John Burnham to share stories of where sailing meets writing. John Burnham is a leadership coach, content creator, and champion sailor. He’s served as editor of Sailing World and Cruising World magazines and several top sailing websites, and manages content for several marine and coaching organizations.

John Burnham_Good Jibes
Hear about John’s early sailing days and what he raced aboard in high school.
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Hear how to become a sailing writer, the differences between West Coast and East Coast sailing, John’s favorite races, stories from working with Rob Moore, and how to push yourself to be uncomfortable.

This episode covers everything from magazine editing to sailing with dolphins. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • Why did John start writing about sailing?
  • What got him interested in West Coast sailing?
  • How do the East Coast and West Coast sailing communities compare?
  • What boats does John find most interesting?
  • How is sailing in Narragansett Bay?
  • What are John’s best memories of Rob Moore?
  • How is working with the CCA?
  • Short Tacks: Why should people sail?

Learn more about John Burnham at and on LinkedIn.

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