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Good Jibes #56 With Chris Otorowski on Sailing Through Life

This is Episode #56, and we’re casting off with Chris Otorowski, who’s interviewed by fellow sailor and host Moe Roddy to chat about his adventures around the world by sea. Chris is the 2022 commodore of the Cruising Club of America (CCA). He’s a seasoned offshore racer and cruiser with thousands and thousands of miles under his belt.

Chris Otorowski on boat
At minute 31:19 Chris shares the most important lesson he’s learned during his sailing career.
© 2022 Chris Otorowski

Hear about some of the amazing people Chris has met through sailing, the time he lost his rudder halfway to Hawaii, surviving 40-foot waves, the history of the CCA, and his favorite islands to explore in the Mediterranean.

This episode covers everything from balancing work and sailing to troubleshooting while racing. Here’s a small sample:

  • When was the first time Chris raced?
  • How long has he been practicing law?
  • Where did the name Rocket J. Squirrel come from?
  • How do you become a member of the Storm Trysail Club?
  • What is the CCA doing to celebrate its 100th anniversary?
  • When did Chris settle in Washington?
  • What brought him to the West Coast?
  • Short Tacks: Where’s his favorite place in the world to sail?

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  1. John McNeill 2 years ago

    Most enjoyable, and presents some excellent life tips. Chris is also a member of Seattle YC and past VP on the International Council of Yacht Clubs.

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