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Good Jibes With Moe Roddy and Daniela Moroz on Formula Kiting to Victory

This week we’re casting off with host Moe Roddy and Daniela Moroz to chat about Daniela’s training regimen and life as a world-renowned kiteboarder. Daniela is a five-time Formula Kite World Champion and three-time US Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, and is campaigning to compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris and Marseille.

Daniela Moroz foiling
This episode covers everything from learning to kiteboard to Daniela’s training regimen.
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Hear how Daniela fell in love with kiteboarding, about the learning curve from a regular kite to a foiling kite, about her training approach for the Olympics and other elite competitions, how to conquer intimidation in new surroundings, and whether she ever gets worried about sharks.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What was the first time Daniela was ever on a windsurfer?
  • How did she know she had a passion for kiteboarding?
  • Does she feel as if she missed out on anything in high school?
  • How much time per week is she putting into kiting?
  • Are you allowed to change to another kite if the wind changes?
  • How did Daniela get involved with SailGP?
  • When did she know she wanted to compete in the Olympics?
  • Short Tacks: What’s the most important lesson she has learned from kiteboarding?

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