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Good Jibes #127: Stephen Wolf on an Unplanned Circumnavigation

This week’s host, John Arndt, is joined by Stephen Wolf to chat about his 10-year, 40,000-mile circumnavigation on the 24-ft trimaran No Name, back in the ’70s. The adventure started in Gashouse Cove and hit every part of the world — without being a planned circumnavigation.

Trimaran 'No Name'
No Name in Gashouse Cove prior to the start of her global adventures.
© 2024 Stephen Wolf

Hear how cruising teaches you to be patient, how one can learn to navigate, about the times Stephen and his wife Margo were the most afraid, how to re-enter the “real world” after a long voyage, and the beauty of being totally self-sufficient on the water.

This episode covers everything from trimarans to the doldrums.

ALERT – Have you seen this boat? Can you help find No Name? Guest, Stephen Wolf, would be very interested in finding his former trimaran. He last heard it was in San Diego a couple of decades ago. If you happen to know of a 24′ plywood Piver trimaran that may be or have been No Name you could contact Stephen here

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • What kind of sailing did Stephen do before No Name?
  • How did he find No Name?
  • Did Margo have any sailing experience?
  • How much food should you bring on a long voyage?
  • What storms did Stephen run into?
  • How did he stay in touch with his family?
  • Has he done any sailing since?
  • Short Tacks: How did he cook on the water?

Read more about Stephen’s incredible adventure in the April 2023 issue of Latitude 38.

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