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February Was a Lucky Month for These Golden Ticket Winners

Sailors have the biggest smiles. And why wouldn’t they? They get to play on the water under sunny skies amid beauty and breeze. But it’s a bonus when we see smiles on land that have been generated by finding a Golden Ticket in a Latitude 38 sailing magazine. Thom Smith sent us this photo taken when he found his ticket in the February issue.

Golden Ticket Smiles
Along with being happy to win a Latitude 38 T-shirt, Thom wrote, “Thank you for entertaining me for so many years!” You’re welcome, Thom! – Ed.
© 2022 Thom Smith

Thom picked up his Latitude 38 at West Marine in Point Loma. As a US Navy submarine crew he found an in-depth appreciation for the seas that his years of surfing couldn’t match. Then in the early ’90s he bought a Prindle catamaran and got serious about sailing.

“I took several lessons with OCSC, San Francisco Bay, and bought another sailboat. I did the Ha-Ha on a friend’s Island Packet and stayed on to sail the Sea of Cortez. I’ve done four Baja Bashes, during which time I purchased another sailboat. SS Skewed is a 35-ft S2 sloop. I moved my sailing-waters venue to San Diego, where I sail with my wife, son and daughter-in-law, and grandkids. At 76 years of age, I am truly living the good life. Keep up the great work on Latitude 38!”

In the meantime we received a few great photos from Mike Mellon, who also won when he found a Golden Ticket in his February issue. A lucky month for some?

Mike told us about his boat, the Catalina 320 La Vida, and now we have a photo.

La Vida
Mike aboard La Vida anchored in Steamboat Slough in the Delta.
© 2022 Joan Mellon
And at home with his new Latitude 38 cap, which he is “proudly wearing everywhere!”
© 2022 Joan Mellon

February may have come and gone, but the Golden Tickets could appear in any issue, at any location. We don’t even know their whereabouts! So make sure you hop down (yes, that is an intentional bunny reference) to your nearest or favorite distributor to pick up your April issue of Latitude 38.

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