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Get This Man Some Foulies

Latitude was happy to donate this outboard bracket to Rimas – who is instantly likeable and genuine - although we can’t imagine it will be much help getting around Cape Horn. What he really needs is some (size medium) heavy-weather foulies.

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As reported earlier, Russian immigrant Rimas Meleshyus, 62, arrived beneath the Golden Gate this spring aboard his San Juan 24 Pier Pressure, ending a 56-day voyage from Hawaii. 

Despite the pleadings of his friends and supporters, he is absolutely determined to sail south soon, and continue around the world via Cape Horn. He knows that his boat size, combined with his limited sailing abilities, will make this feat extremely dangerous — if not deadly — but he is eager to attempt it nonetheless. 

Since Rimas’ arrival, Bay Area sailor Jean Mondeau and others have been helping to upgrade the tiny sloop for greater safety and stability so that the rugged adventurer will at least have a fighting chance at success. He has no creature comforts and doesn’t seek any. But one thing he desperately needs is some decent offshore foulies. "I got sooo cold at times on the trip from Hawaii," he says. So if you have a good pair of insulated, waterproof foulies — size medium — that you are willing to donate, please let us know and we’ll pass them on.

We cannot condone Rimas’ seemingly suicidal mission, but we have to admire his determination and spunk. He seems to have had angels looking after him thus far. So who knows, maybe he will make it around the Horn and live to tell about it. 

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