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From Delta Cruiser to Channel Islands Solo Sailor

Bay Area sailor Jackie Philpott has been making the most of the fall weather. After cruising in this year’s Delta Doo Dah aboard her Cal 2-27 Dura Mater, Jackie embarked upon a solo sail from Richmond Yacht Club to the Channel Islands. Her plan was to make a number of stops along the way, and so far this has proved to be a good decision.

Upon stopping in Santa Barbara, Jackie met Mike Pyzel, who wrote Latitude 38‘s August feature about sailing in the Channel Islands. (Mike also took the September magazine cover photo). Who better to learn from regarding the ins and outs of the islands than the sailor who covered the topic across half a dozen informative pages? A serendipitous moment,  perhaps?

Jackie met Mike Pyzel enroute to Channel Islands
After meeting Mike Pyzel and getting some great firsthand tips and advice about the Channel Islands (and an autograph), Jackie’s next planned stop was Santa Cruz Island.
© 2020 Robb Lee
Dura Mater leaving Morro Bay
Jackie’s departure from Morro Bay was captured by the Morro Bay Yacht Club’s webcam.
© 2020 Morro Bay Yacht Club
Dura Mater leaving Morro Bay - second shot
There’s no such thing as a sneaky getaway when there’s a webcam on the dock.
© 2020 Morro Bay Yacht Club

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