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Foiling Through the Frisco Fog

“On a really dark Friday afternoon, the St. Francis Yacht Club hosted wing foilers and windsurfers for some course racing,” writes photographer Chris Ray.

Windsurfers at a mark
The windsurfer sails were a bright spot in the fog.
© 2022 Chris Ray

In the olden days, photographers might talk of how they accidentally “fogged” their film.

Princess cruise ship
A Princess cruise ship carries a city’s worth of passengers out of the fog.
© 2022 Chris Ray

The fog in these digital photos comes courtesy of San Francisco’s unique summer microclimate. Chris took these last Friday, July 29.

Several of Chris’s photos show Johnny Heineken checking his watch. Monitoring his heart rate? Timing his legs? Late for a meeting? Taking a meeting? No matter — Johnny has won every race in the series so far.
© 2022 Chris Ray

Check results for the Wing & Windsurf Slalom series here.

Wing sailor with brown pelican
Two creatures on the wing.
© 2022 Chris Ray

“Loads more pix on my site at–Windsurfers-22,” says Chris.

Windsurfers rounding Mark B
Windsurfers round StFYC’s Mark B, right in front of the the club’s picture windows.
© 2022 Chris Ray
Wing sailor at Mark B
And a wing sailor rounds Mark B.
© 2022 Chris Ray

Friday night racing at StFYC takes this week off; their Windsurf Course series will continue next Friday. Also next Friday, US Sailing’s US Open Sailing Series on San Francisco Bay will kick off, the final regatta in the series’s second season. StFYC will host the board-heads, while San Francisco YC will host the dinghy sailors.


  1. michael kehir 6 months ago

    Ya don’t call SF Frisco…flatlander..

  2. Jean Rathle 6 months ago

    thanks for spreading the love about our races. Winging is so fun and Windsurfing is not dead. Sail On!

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