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Daisy Commemoration

As you read in Monday’s ‘Lectronic Latitude, last weekend two local sailors perished during the Doublehanded Lightship Race on March 15. Matthew Kirby Gale and Anthony Harrow aboard the Cheoy Lee 31 Daisy were last seen about halfway back from the Lightbucket, about six miles from the Golden Gate. They never finished the race and a subsequent Coast Guard search turned up debris from the boat. Harrow’s body, still clad in a lifejacket, was recovered near Half Moon Bay. Gale has not been found.

In a gesture of commemoration, participants in this coming Saturday’s OYRA Crewed Lightship Race (starting sequence off St. Francis YC begins at 9:40 a.m.) will be offered daisy flowers to drop in the water as they round the Lightship in remembrance of Gale and Harrow. The flowers may be picked up at either the St. Francis or Golden Gate YC docks prior to the race. For more information, contact Joanne McFee.

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Yesterday New York Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn struck down America’s Cup holder Alinghi’s appeal in the protracted battle for who gets to challenge for the Cup and when.
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