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Jonathan Livingston’s Punk Dolphin glides under the Golden Gate. Note the twin pole arrangement.latitude/JR
The local sailing community is in a state of shock over the news that two sailors were lost during Saturday’s Doublehanded Lightship Race.
Jim Forquer had been living his dreams prior to his fatal fall. © Christian Buhl The family of the late Jim Forquer has announced that a memorial ceremony to commemorate his life will be held at 3 p.m.
Everyone can relate: One minute you’re surfing your favorite sailing site, the next your screen is black and all your chartering photos from the last three years’ vacations are gone.
Many cruisers are heading south toward Panama at this time of year. But when they reach the Canal, they may be in for a rude shock.
The flood of emails and phone calls which reached us yesterday after we posted the news of Jim Forquer’s tragic death is a good indicator of how much this well-known sailor will be missed.
Does four days of racing in the Caribbean sound like fun? If you’re reading this and haven’t just come back from the 28th running of the St.
The ProSail 40 Tuki currently owns the Jazz Cup record. In 2005, she sailed the 26-mile course in 2 hours and 1 minute.
Commodore Moore got his new Corsair 7.50 tri up to 18 knots in just 18 knots of true wind in the near ideal sailing conditions.
Sweet Okole and Bad Hare Day grind around Alcatraz. latitude/Rob
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC The weekend decided to thumb its nose at the National Weather Service and gave racers breeze, sun and generally pleasant weather.
Who knows the proper name for a group of rays? latitude/Richard
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC While cruising along the mainland coast of Mexico, Heather Corsaro of the Monterey-based Cal 36 Eupsychia took this photo of a fleet of little rays.
As keepers of the ‘official’ West Coast Circumnavigators List, we’ve been scratching our heads lately as we attempt to update the roster with missing information.
Emirates Team New Zealand filed suit yesterday in the ongoing America’s Cup saga, charging the trustee, Société Nautique Genève, and Ernesto Bertarelli’s America’s Cup Management with breach of contract over enticements they tendered in return for ETNZ’s signing of the much disputed AC 33 protocol.
If work or other commitments kept you from making the Banderas Bay Regatta or MEXORC, don’t sweat it too much — you’ve got a local alternative.
After dabbing a bit of wasabi and soy sauce on this beauty, Heather and David commenced enjoying their sashimi lunch.
If you’re lucky enough to be sailing around the Northern Caribbean next week, you won’t want to miss a special celebration (March 14 & 15) on the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke.
"‘Lectronic readers might be interested to learn that it appears that there may be some limited monthly or seasonal availability for east moorings in Monterey for boats from 25 to 50 feet this season," advises Scott Pryor of the Monterey Harbor Office. Monthly
Saturday’s breeze caught more than a few boats on the wrong side of a jibe demonstrated here by Steve Klein’s Express 27 Magic.
Here at Latitude 38 we’re clipping in our seatbelts and strapping on our editing helmets as we begin to work on our April issue — timed with the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show.
It sort of looks like these boats were knocked over by a hurricane… © 2008 Rob & Linda Jones Rob and Linda Jones, Ha-Ha vets with their Gemini 3000 catamaran Cat’n About from Whibey Island, Washington, sent us the accompanying photo of what looks to be sailboats in Costa Rica knocked askew by hurricane force winds.