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The Cruiser’s Mindset

Read why cruisers are more adaptable to changing conditions in Tim Henry’s feature, The Cruiser’s Mindset, Adapting to Any Conditions.

Elana Connor captured a selfie as she rounded Cape Brett and the Bay of Islands’ famed (if simply named) “Hole in the Rock.”
© 2020 Elana Connor

“Ask a cruiser about their plans, and they’re likely to laugh. Most cruisers will tell you that they started with a one- or two-year plan, which evolved into more ocean miles, more countries visited, more money, and more years of their lives.”

Whangarei, New Zealand.
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Tim

“Out of necessity, cruisers develop an adaptive mindset, because cruising life heeds to weather above all else, followed by budgets, bureaucracies, health of both body and vessel, and plain old luck. Plans are important, but they’re just dreams and aspirations. Reality cannot be forecast, and follows no schedule.

“Perhaps we should all be more like cruisers right now: Let go of making plans and let life happen.”

Elana Connor with Gayle and Darrell Smith aboard the Smiths’ Spencer 53 Gone Bambu.
© 2020 Elana Connor

You can read Tim’s complete story on the Cruiser’s Mindset in the April issue here.


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