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Clipper Cove Meeting Today at 1 p.m.

In the June issue we featured Mirian Saez, Director of Operations at Treasure Island, and her objective of turning the island into an inviting place for boaters. In an effort to clear out Clipper Cove — and keep it cleared out — Saez and her staff have developed a basic plan to require permits to anchor in the cove. Saez stresses that no details, such as specific time limits, have been hammered out and that public suggestions for how such a plan would work are encouraged (email Saez with your ideas but don’t expect a reply as there have been far too many emails to respond to).

Although it’s short notice, if you’re in the vicinity of City Hall today at 1 p.m., stop by Room 263 for the Land Use and Economic Development Committee’s weekly meeting. The issue of designating Clipper Cove as a Special Use Area that requires permits is first up on the agenda, so that portion shouldn’t take long. Keep in mind that this committee can only make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on such a plan. A meeting before the Board has not been set yet. Saez and her team will be there to outline the plan and how it would benefit Bay Area boaters.

As we noted in the July issue, our suggestion is that there should be no permit required to anchor at Clipper Cove from Friday through Monday nights. This would make life easy for 95% of the people who use the cove. Those who wanted to anchor on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights could do so, but they’d have to sign up online in advance or at the TIDA office, and they wouldn’t be allowed to sign up for more than two Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights a month. This would allow most mariners generous use of the cove, but would eliminate the cove’s being used as a private storage area/dumping ground for what are often derelict vessels. And of course, such permits must be free.

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