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Classic M-Class Sloop ‘Pursuit’ Seeks Investors for Rescue

Many Bay Areas sailors remember walking past Ron MacAnnan’s beautiful M-Class sloop Pursuit on the Sausalito boardwalk. She sailed the Bay for 50 years and is the last remaining M-Class sloop in the world. Since Ron’s passing she’s fallen on hard times and is in need of rescue.

M Class sloop Pursuit
The M-Class sloop Pursuit in all her former glory.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Andy

The following is a call to action from the Master Mariners website:

“A local group of wooden boat enthusiasts and supporters is seeking new owner(s) with vision and funding to save Pursuit, the last surviving ‘M-Boat.’ Pursuit is an 82-ft racing yacht designed in 1927 and launched 1929 as Avatar by Abeking Rasmussen, Germany.

“Former Pursuit crew members and a collaboration of wooden boat sailors from the S.F. Bay are seeking investors and interested parties to assist with saving the vessel, now parked on a trailer and in jeopardy of being scrapped due to liens placed on the vessel and other legal actions. More detailed information will be provided to all qualified inquiries.

“’Let’s get the word out! Help us find someone who can save this historical and much-loved classic.’ — Pursuit Supporter

“As recently as June, the group of local supporters had established a tentative arrangement to haul Pursuit for renovation and reconstruction of this famous icon of the Sausalito waterfront (1960-2015). Pursuit is well known, having been raced in many MMBA regattas and sailed on the S.F. Bay for over 50 years by the charismatic Ron MacAnnan.

“The managing shipwright, available work crew, a local yard and former crew members are actively collaborating to find a way forward to save the boat. The vessel now needs a new owner(s) with vision and funding.

“For more information contact Randall von Wedel at [email protected] or +1 510-233-0102.”

You can learn more about Pursuit’s history from this Life on the Water video trailer about Ron MacAnnan.


  1. Memo Gidley 2 years ago

    I remember Ron as a good friend of my Dad, and wish Ron was still around adding some great character and personality to the Sausalito waterfront and the Sf Bay. And the same goes for the “Pursuit” a great looking vessel to see! I hope she finds a new owner to get her back out on the water!

  2. milly Biller 2 years ago

    I wish I was a millionaire . I see no more noble way for someone richer than I, to spend their money.

  3. Tommy Bombon 2 years ago

    Two people I can think of who can save this sloop: Larry Ellison and Elon Muak!

    • Tommy Bombon 2 years ago

      Errata: *Elon Muak

  4. Archambeaud 3 months ago

    It looks like french Benoît Couturier decided to bring Avatar to Brest in France for a total refit; He already took in charge the Fife’s 19mR Mariquita and the two Moonbeams.

    • Brian 2 months ago

      Is there any update on this comment that PURSUIT/AVATAR is headed to France for total refit?

    • John Arndt 2 months ago

      Yes, the boat has been shipped to France though we don’t know the status of the restoration.

  5. Marco Frignati 2 months ago

    well done Benoit Couturier!!! whish him all the best

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