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Chartered Bavaria 50 Used in Bombing of Nord Stream Pipeline?

This was not your average summer sailing charter vacation. There’s still lots of mystery surrounding the allegations, but, as reported in The Guardian and many news sources, a chartered Bavaria 50 named Andromeda was possibly used to plant the explosives that ruptured the Nord Stream gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany last September 26. The reports say six guests chartered the boat from its homeport in Rostock, Germany, for about a month on the Baltic Sea. The boat headed off to Denmark.

Bavaria 50 Nordstream Pipeline
The alleged bombers selected a comfortable and well-appointed Bavaria 50 as their sabotage vessel.
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There are many doubts about the theory since it would have been a major challenge to pull it off from the deck of a 50-ft sailboat. The water depth where the explosion occurred was about 260 feet, making it extremely difficult to dive without a decompression chamber. It is also estimated they would have had to bring about 4,500 pounds of explosives aboard to create such a large, damaging explosion. The charter guests have not been found, but it’s said that some presented Ukrainian passports before walking down the docks dressed like “normal sailors” and provisioning the boat with groceries.

As the investigation continues, the theories include this charter’s being a “false flag” operation, possibly for Russia, and the boat’s possibly meeting up with other boats that were part of the plot. There is remaining uncertainty about what country or countries might have been involved, and questions about why a 50-ft recreational sailboat would have been used for a major act of international terrorism.

It wasn’t all that long ago that all the battles by the Vikings and others on the Baltic Sea were waged from sailing ships, but none were likely as comfortable as a Bavaria 50. It may be a while before this mystery is solved, but a month chartering aboard a Bavaria 50 in September must be one of the best ways these sailors could have served their mystery country.


  1. Chris Boome 1 week ago

    It’s it April Fools Day yet! 😂😂😂

  2. Doug Tiffany 1 week ago

    As an ex oilfield Diver with 20 year’s experience, including severing drilling conductor pipes using” shape charges”,a 20-pound charge would do the job and a 200 ft. Plus diving with mixed gas would be easy, in fact, an air dive would be possible by someone that had done a lot of air diving, we worked at 170 ft on it a lot, so a quick dive to deeper depth would be possible and clamping a chape charge around the pipeline would be quick.

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