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Is This Catamaran Missing?

Former Latitude 38 editor LaDonna Bubak just alerted us to a Cruisers Forum note that cruiser Bob Smith, of the home-built 44-ft catamaran Pantera, hasn’t been heard from in three months. His daughter, Natalie, has become concerned. Natalie reports that Bob has been living aboard in Mexico for the past 10 years. He typically remains in touch on a regular basis. Brad of the SV Perspective reports seeing him on October 19 on the Bay of Los Angeles in the Sea of Cortez with all well.

Bob Smith’s catamaran Pantera pictured almost a decade ago on Banderas Bay.
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Pantera is an active, well-known cruising cat along the Mexican coast, and a vet of the 2006 Baja Ha-Ha. We just want to help put Natalie’s concerns to rest. Anyone who has information can email us here.


  1. Robert Settle 5 years ago

    I was last sailing yacht in contact with Bob. We were both anchored in bahia los angeles. I departed southward from there October 24 and Bob said he would leave next day or soon thereafter. The fleet of about 20 yachts spending hurricane season had all departed by then southward. We enjoyed Bobs company over the summer. His boat is amazing but has some serious maintenance issues. His engine was non-functioning and he had no plans to repair it before arriving La Paz. His steering system was damaged/non-functioning so he steered by running lines to the rudders. It was less than ideal. Our group communicated all summer via SSB on the Amigo net but Bob did not have a HF radio. And his VHF is intermittent in function. The sailing weather he would encounter if he departed south would not be an issue for the most part. It is time to engage the Mexican navy and the Guardia Costeria to check for him. Better would be flyover of the route between BLA and La Paz… -Robert -SV Shaman, Norseman 447 -lying La Paz BCS, Mexico

    • Natalie 5 years ago

      Thank you. Someone has reported seeing a wreckage of Pantera a couple weeks ago smashed on a beach near Punta Chivato stripped of its contents. No Bob and no cats. Some kind people that have reached out to me are looking further into this and are contacting the Mexican Navy. I am his daughter Natalie and I am worried sick.

  2. Dennis 5 years ago

    Oh Natalie, Prayers be with you and yours.

  3. Kevin Sparks 5 years ago

    Prayers for you and your family and that your dad will be found safe.

  4. Wayne Gorrie 5 years ago

    Natalie. I am worried sick too. Janine and I visited with Bob in LP last Jan. He was in fine form but it was clear to me that the boat was not. You can contact me on Facebook just my name Wayne Gorrie.if there is anything I can domjust holler.

    • Natalie 5 years ago

      Wayne I remember you I think. Did you live on Mudge Island and have two cats — meek and eeek — or have I mistaken you for someone else? Thank you for your offer. Natalie

  5. Kent Milski 5 years ago

    What a gentleman, your father.

    Our hearts are with you.

  6. TOny Peacock 5 years ago

    I departed La Paz in June for San Carlos. Spent many an evening with Bob on the malecon. I fully expected we’d meet up back here in La Paz in November. Have been watching anxiously for him to sail into the bay. The news of the wreck at Punta Chivato has me shacken. I count Bob as a good friend and hope beyond hope that somehow our paths will cross again. Natalie, this must be a really hard time. My heart is with you.

  7. Lani Dyck 5 years ago

    Hi Natalie, I’m Lani, Lyle’s daughter. My prayers are with you and your aunt, Norma. I pray you find him soon.

  8. Patrick Booth 5 years ago

    Hi Natalie, we heard the story as we were about to leave La Paz to head north. We stopped at Punte Chivato and met with the local American community. No one had heard about any wreckage being found at or anywhere near there. We knew your dad in passing from La Paz but never sailed with him.

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