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Casting Call

Three years have passed since then-16-year-old Jessica Watson’s record-breaking nonstop solo circumnavigation, and casting has begun for a film based on her journey. Her achievement didn’t land her in the record books as the youngest solo circumnavigator because most no longer recognize age-based sailing records, but the media certainly made up for any official snubs she may have suffered. 

The film version of True Spirit is due out next year.

© Jessica Watson

Announced in August, the film version of her book True Spirit will be an inspirational family film in which Watson will have considerable input. In fact, several actresses vying for the lead role were surprised to find the young sailor in the audition room when casting began earlier this month. “It was a little weird for me watching other people act out me in some scenes from the script,” Watson noted after the first day of auditions.

The film, which is scheduled for release next year, is being produced by the same team who made Soul Surfer, the story of Bethany Hamilton’s triumphant return to surfing after a tiger shark took her arm while surfing in Kauai.

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