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Caption Contest(!)

Welcome to this month’s Caption Contest(!). The photo below was sent in by Berkeley Green of Newport Coast Sailing. (You’ll also find it in the February Sailagram gallery.) We’ve been wondering what happened when the sailors caught up to the Duffy …

Caption contest_April '23
Your caption here.
© 2023 Berkeley Green

See the March contest winners in April’s Loose Lips.



  1. Peter Bellak 1 year ago

    Never mind the overweight excursion boat, worry about the guy taking the photo!

  2. Blake Wiers 1 year ago

    Like most school activities during covid, hiking out and social distancing created some issues for the kids.

  3. Elan Caspi 1 year ago

    Objects may be closer than they appear.

  4. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    Uh, do we shout “Port!” or “Sailboat!” at this point???

  5. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    helmswoman overboard in 3, 2, …

  6. Lee Panza 1 year ago

    The helmsperson wanted to give her parents a close-up demonstration of how well she could maneuver the little sailboat in tight situations; unfortunately, it didn’t turn out nearly as well as could have been hoped.

  7. Kent Carter 1 year ago

    “Let’s see if that motorboat has any soda to spare!”

  8. Ron Harben 1 year ago

    Three guesses as to whether the power boat even knows there’s such a thing called “Rules of the Road.”

  9. Taylor Miller 1 year ago

    What , me worry?

  10. Pat Broderick 1 year ago

    David Mamet’s adage: “Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance” about to be tested.

  11. G masichuk 1 year ago

    Hey… a little help up here ?

  12. Eben Kermit 1 year ago

    Wait for the ship o’the line to come abeam, then give ’em a broadside of canon shot! Steady! Steady as she goes… FIRE!!!

  13. Bill willcox 1 year ago

    OK students, let’s review our boarding party etiquette.

  14. david_cohan_98 1 year ago

    As Peter Townsend wisely said, “the kids are all right.” They know what they’re doing. They’ve got it under control. It’s all good.

  15. Rob Falconer 1 year ago

    I think we need to fatten the kids up a bit

  16. Mark Caplin 1 year ago

    “No, it’s definitely Mom and Dad. I thought that YOU told them that we were going sailing.””Looks like Dad stole that boat from Disney’s Jungle ride”

  17. Dennis Barry 1 year ago

    So then “Frieda”, who is sitting across from the gal at the helm (Lucy) says, “Can you sail as close to them as possible and see if they notice my naturally curly hair?”

  18. David N Henry 1 year ago

    What’s the max closing speed for us to jump off and the relief crew to jump on?

  19. David Peterson 1 year ago

    A boat full of mothers coming out to warn the kids to be careful and not tip the boat too much.

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