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  1. Art Ewart 11 months ago

    Wooden ya know.

  2. Peter 11 months ago

    Hmmm. Sudden stop? This could be the problem.

    • Peter Early 10 months ago

      Wait! I think I found the problem!

  3. David Woo 11 months ago

    Completely stumped!

  4. Rosann Allenbaugh 11 months ago

    Heard at Jamba Juice “I’ll have some wheatgrass with my wooden smoothie please”.

  5. Bill Huber 11 months ago

    I’m curious, you DID try putting it in reverse didn’t you?

  6. Steve Rienhart 11 months ago

    “Taking a bite out of water pollution”

  7. George Hughes 11 months ago

    Well, at least the boat can get wood

  8. Ants Uiga 11 months ago

    The prop was sharp enough to shave, not cut firewood.

  9. John Carapiet 11 months ago

    The old game, paper, stone, sissors has been replaced with water, wood, propeler. Wood won this game

  10. Carolyn Rosner 11 months ago

    For your dedication to the goals of the project.

  11. Chris Jackson 11 months ago

    Where to hide stuff on the boat so that nobody takes it or uses it. For example, your spare project wood.

  12. Pat Broderick 11 months ago

    Fred misunderstood the design of knot log for his boat.

  13. Kent Carter 11 months ago

    Who needs a wood chipper when you’ve got a boat to do that?

  14. Scott Henry 11 months ago

    A new definition of “woodie” that I haven’t seen before.

  15. Scott Henry 11 months ago

    Just because it sounds like a buzz-saw doesn’t mean it is one!

  16. Donald Bryden 11 months ago

    How to give a boat a wedgie.

  17. Mark Caplin 11 months ago

    Upon closer inspection, the petrified Megalodon shark they hit was bigger then they thought.

  18. Kelvin D. Meeks 11 months ago

    Wife: “Did you feel that?”
    Husband: “Huh?”

  19. David Cohan 11 months ago

    Finally, after many attempts, I have the super-efficient 5-blade prop I’ve always wanted!

  20. David Henry 11 months ago

    I got somethin stuck in my teeth! Anyone have a toothpick?

  21. Cecile Schwedes 11 months ago

    M/V Bristol Chipper!

  22. Heartland Honey 11 months ago

    The easiest way to chop firewood is to use the prop on a stink pot in the yard, but you gotta be sneaky about it!

  23. JOHN DICKERSON 11 months ago

    I said ” make a log entry ” but not like that!!!!

  24. Lee Perry 11 months ago

    Splitting wood for the winter ahead.

  25. Peter Detwiler 11 months ago

    “Well, we were just jammin’ along and then suddenly…”

  26. Chris C 11 months ago

    The Tunnel is the Funnel!

  27. Tim McCormick 11 months ago

    What happened to that Knarr we saw a minute ago?

  28. Deborah F Orlando 11 months ago

    “Watch out for that TREE”!!

  29. David Hume 10 months ago

    Knot again

  30. Rob Falconer 10 months ago

    Hey, Long John! We’ve found your leg.

  31. Bill Willcox 10 months ago

    Where’s Woody Woodpecker when you really need him?

  32. Freeline 10 months ago

    Scottish accent: Captain, we don’t have the power …

  33. Dave Peterson 10 months ago

    Ask the yard to grind a sharper edge on the prop, shoulda sliced that log like butter.

  34. Felix 6 months ago

    A prop that wooden werk

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