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  1. Art Ewart 1 year ago

    Wooden ya know.

  2. Peter 1 year ago

    Hmmm. Sudden stop? This could be the problem.

    • Peter Early 1 year ago

      Wait! I think I found the problem!

  3. David Woo 1 year ago

    Completely stumped!

  4. Rosann Allenbaugh 1 year ago

    Heard at Jamba Juice “I’ll have some wheatgrass with my wooden smoothie please”.

  5. Bill Huber 1 year ago

    I’m curious, you DID try putting it in reverse didn’t you?

  6. Steve Rienhart 1 year ago

    “Taking a bite out of water pollution”

  7. George Hughes 1 year ago

    Well, at least the boat can get wood

  8. Ants Uiga 1 year ago

    The prop was sharp enough to shave, not cut firewood.

  9. John Carapiet 1 year ago

    The old game, paper, stone, sissors has been replaced with water, wood, propeler. Wood won this game

  10. Carolyn Rosner 1 year ago

    For your dedication to the goals of the project.

  11. Chris Jackson 1 year ago

    Where to hide stuff on the boat so that nobody takes it or uses it. For example, your spare project wood.

  12. Pat Broderick 1 year ago

    Fred misunderstood the design of knot log for his boat.

  13. Kent Carter 1 year ago

    Who needs a wood chipper when you’ve got a boat to do that?

  14. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    A new definition of “woodie” that I haven’t seen before.

  15. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    Just because it sounds like a buzz-saw doesn’t mean it is one!

  16. Donald Bryden 1 year ago

    How to give a boat a wedgie.

  17. Mark Caplin 1 year ago

    Upon closer inspection, the petrified Megalodon shark they hit was bigger then they thought.

  18. Kelvin D. Meeks 1 year ago

    Wife: “Did you feel that?”
    Husband: “Huh?”

  19. David Cohan 1 year ago

    Finally, after many attempts, I have the super-efficient 5-blade prop I’ve always wanted!

  20. David Henry 1 year ago

    I got somethin stuck in my teeth! Anyone have a toothpick?

  21. Cecile Schwedes 1 year ago

    M/V Bristol Chipper!

  22. Heartland Honey 1 year ago

    The easiest way to chop firewood is to use the prop on a stink pot in the yard, but you gotta be sneaky about it!

  23. JOHN DICKERSON 1 year ago

    I said ” make a log entry ” but not like that!!!!

  24. Lee Perry 1 year ago

    Splitting wood for the winter ahead.

  25. Peter Detwiler 1 year ago

    “Well, we were just jammin’ along and then suddenly…”

  26. Chris C 1 year ago

    The Tunnel is the Funnel!

  27. Tim McCormick 1 year ago

    What happened to that Knarr we saw a minute ago?

  28. Deborah F Orlando 1 year ago

    “Watch out for that TREE”!!

  29. David Hume 1 year ago

    Knot again

  30. Rob Falconer 1 year ago

    Hey, Long John! We’ve found your leg.

  31. Bill Willcox 1 year ago

    Where’s Woody Woodpecker when you really need him?

  32. Freeline 1 year ago

    Scottish accent: Captain, we don’t have the power …

  33. Dave Peterson 1 year ago

    Ask the yard to grind a sharper edge on the prop, shoulda sliced that log like butter.

  34. Felix 1 year ago

    A prop that wooden werk

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