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  1. George 2 years ago

    The best of two worlds, and we can Air B&B it with ease!

  2. Bob Martin 2 years ago

    Honey, isn’t that a little big for pool float?

  3. jeff thayer 2 years ago

    OK Bob, I will admit you solved the long commute to the marina problem, but what about the “where will we cruise?” question.

  4. Bud Kerner 2 years ago

    It might look too big, but we do get some wicked waves here.

  5. Jim Marshall 2 years ago

    Listed on Bring a Crane Website: Alerion For Sale, Fresh water use only. Low miles.

  6. James Humphries 2 years ago

    At least its finally out of the shed and it floats. Now what?

  7. Rosann Allenbaugh 2 years ago

    “My wife didn’t like me spending so much time at the yacht club bar after working on my boat, so I compromised to keep the peace!”

    – sighed Happily Married

  8. Dave Henry 2 years ago

    I said steer Starboard,

  9. Peter B 2 years ago

    Herbert! Couldn’t you just get an air mat or pool noodle like everyone else?!

  10. Lee Voge 2 years ago

    No Harold! It’s not a new, undiscovered atoll!

  11. Paul Hedberg 2 years ago

    Oh Honeyyyy, I think our ship has come in!
    Did you order something through the Amazon Drone delivery service?

  12. Charles Sanford 2 years ago

    Very, very funny, kids… Now, please put it back!

  13. Robertta Edwards 2 years ago

    Happy Father’s Day!
    No ties, just lines attached.

  14. Paul Brogger 2 years ago

    The moorage is almost perfect, but the cost is outlandish!

  15. David Shannon 2 years ago


    • matt 2 years ago


  16. Jam 2 years ago

    Moorage available Jan 1st. $2/foot, transport not included.

  17. Scott Henry 2 years ago

    See, I told you she would float on her lines. Now get that truck back here!

  18. Scott Henry 2 years ago

    This must be a new definition of “off shore” sailing that I wasn’t familiar with!

  19. Scott Henry 2 years ago

    So I needed a guest cottage, and the boat was just sitting on the hard…

  20. David Cohan 2 years ago

    Unique nautically themed outdoor exhibit on loan from the Museum of Modern Art

  21. Bill Huber 2 years ago

    I had this dream…
    Of a sailboat without sails in a pool with a lawn next to it in the Netherlands, and a blonde woman on the lawn in extratufs with a glass of wine is looking puzzled….
    What does it mean, Doctor?

  22. Peter Bennett 2 years ago

    Amazing what you can photoshop.

  23. John Tennyson 2 years ago

    Ever the optimist, Bob never sailed anywhere without his spinnaker gear ready for action!

  24. Geoff Capell 2 years ago

    Gotta kill those barnacles

  25. Tim Henry 2 years ago

    My bottom-cleaning guy insists on working in clean water, but this is getting ridiculous.

  26. Kelvin D. Meeks 2 years ago

    Jane’s divorce attorney proved to be the greater pirate…

  27. Bill miller 2 years ago

    Does this pool make my boat look fat?

  28. Jim Fryer 2 years ago

    The entrance was a bit challenging, but finally a quiet, fully protected anchorage with no risk of another boat anchoring too close!

  29. Adam 2 years ago

    No big deal. It’s just a Baby Ruth.

  30. Bill Crowley 2 years ago

    I just wanted to practice with my swim ladder in WARM water!

  31. Elan 2 years ago

    Look what the hurricane blew in.

  32. Will Burkhart 2 years ago

    “She said I didn’t have the balls”

  33. chad h 2 years ago

    Kent, you know you are not allowed to park on campus (i.e. in the pool)…

  34. Brian Beers 2 years ago

    My wife told me my suspicions about her and the pool boy were silly but COME ON, this is too much.

  35. Brian Richards 2 years ago

    Well it’s cheaper than the slip fees and I only wanted to sit non it anyway.

    Wonder if sailing instructors make house calls.

  36. Daniel Casey 2 years ago

    I told you not to feed that boat, now she’ll never leave!

  37. Daniel 2 years ago

    Tommy’s toy boat sure has grown into a smart looking gal, but now what?

  38. Dawn Reed 2 years ago

    Digby hoped he would be seen as eccentric, but everyone knew he was just a lazy sailor.

  39. David Hume 2 years ago

    “Whoever you are, please, please don’t use the head”

  40. Randy 2 years ago

    The owner is selling here ‘as is, where is’, but don’t worry, the Dutch are crackerjack when it comes to building canals…

  41. David Demarest 2 years ago

    Oh good…it floats !

  42. Dan Brenny 2 years ago

    Just waiting for the flood gates to open so we can move on

  43. Jere Visalli 2 years ago

    Honey, I said please buy a pool FLOAT!

  44. Bill Willcox 2 years ago

    Those French sure know how to throw a pool party.

  45. Rob Falconer 2 years ago

    We’re waiting for a really high tide to float it out

  46. Mark Caplin 2 years ago

    This is what happens when a sailor buys a “lap pool.”

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