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Caption Contest(!)

This month’s Caption Contest(!) is a real doozy. Last summer on the Chesapeake, these two boats got all up close and personal. We’ll have the full story, as well as this month’s CC(!) winner in the November issue of Latitude 38.

PLEASE SEND YOUR ENTRIES HERE! (Sorry, we originally forgot to include the link . . . and then we got a new website!)

Your caption here.

© Maryland Natural Resources Police


  1. Hans Petermann 4 years ago

    We were looking for the drive up hull cleaning service.

  2. Mick 4 years ago

    The last parking spot…

  3. Tim Henry 4 years ago

    Shoulda gone faster and just jumped this thing.

  4. Grant 4 years ago

    I was on your right! I had right of way!

  5. Jay Sorensen 4 years ago

    This is how catamarans are conceived

    Clear evidence that sailors using their cellphones are a danger on the water

    Sunscreen, check. Hat, check. Life jacket, check. Someone at the helm………..Doh!

  6. Ben Jones 4 years ago

    The larger male mounts the smaller female after defeating his smaller rival. Soon, the female will haul out at the yard to deposit her cache of young.

  7. Ruth Bernal 4 years ago

    I know we invited you guys for happy hour, but this isn’t what we had in mind at all!

  8. Bev Lowe 4 years ago

    Sorry……I was eating a Milky Way….

  9. Bill Huber 4 years ago

    I thought when you said “You, keep a good watch”, you were referring to my Oyster!

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