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  1. Don Schaefer 8 months ago

    Theft Proof

  2. Paul Gadbois 8 months ago

    (Your caption here.)
    Inflatable FOR SALE!
    No offer refused! Comes with seat, oars, & OB!

  3. Steve Rienhart 8 months ago

    Finally! Now the non-skid is perfect.

  4. Tony Spooner 8 months ago

    Another couple of layers, and I think she’ll make a good mooring.

  5. Gary Green 8 months ago

    Washing his dinghy with acid was probably not the best idea Floyd ever had…

  6. Ron Harben 8 months ago

    Now where did I put that Zodiac warranty?

  7. David Henry 8 months ago

    On the plus side, the motor looks new!

  8. Dean Vincent 8 months ago

    Raised from the deep, Titanic dinghy.

  9. Dennis Ritchie 8 months ago

    Work in progress!

  10. Brad Smith 8 months ago

    The owner of this dinghy was known… wait for it… to get plastered!

  11. David 8 months ago

    Looks like the new anti-fouling paint is just as effective above the waterline.

  12. Jim Gossman 8 months ago


  13. Kelvin D. Meeks 8 months ago

    Larry’s camouflage technique was the envy of the West Coast. No thieves ever messed with Larry’s dinghy.

  14. Paul Brogger 8 months ago

    You need only finish the fiberglass work that I started . . .

  15. Dan Brenny 8 months ago

    Do you think rubbing compound will help get this clean?

  16. Rob & Linda Jones 8 months ago

    For sale
    Lightly used dinghy

  17. Ted Crocker 8 months ago

    Um, I think it’s past its expiration date…

  18. Jere Visalli 8 months ago

    We named her ‘My Celium’

  19. Jim Deverel 8 months ago

    Warning! To avoid sinking this boat, do not clean, chip, or scrape.

  20. Bill Willcox 8 months ago

    Hey everybody, the magic mushroom delivery boat is in!

  21. Cecile Generaux Schwedes 8 months ago

    Crustacean demonstration.

  22. Maxwell Graham 8 months ago

    She’s a bonny boat and has worked just fine for near-on four score year. Why would I get rid of something that works fine?

  23. Ted Keech 8 months ago

    Hey! Wait! Where did you find my boat?

  24. David Hume 8 months ago

    Dinghy for Sale, contact K Costner, c/o WaterWorld.

  25. Gil 8 months ago

    Proudly: “I got a new outboard for her, Bob”

  26. Kelvin D. Meeks 8 months ago

    EVERY boat is potentially your magic carpet – just waiting to transport you to your special place…

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