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  1. Brian Forster 2 years ago

    “I’ve heard of rail meat, but boom meat?!”

  2. Dale Land 2 years ago


  3. Robertta Edwards 2 years ago

    Laying down on the job.

    • Robertta Edwards 2 years ago

      Laying down on the job.

  4. Jay Sorensen 2 years ago

    Dave wondered why the ad for crew listed 4 positions for vang.

  5. Daniel Groat 2 years ago

    Wake up! Wake up! We’re going over!

  6. Rich Brazil 2 years ago

    Don’t be afraid, the slot isn’t as scary as you think.

  7. Marc Lombardi 2 years ago

    Captain to crew – “Maybe next time you’ll get the spinnaker set right the first try!”

  8. Noel Farmer 2 years ago

    I told you to watch the tide and forget the water balloons.

  9. Candace Thersby 2 years ago

    Are you sure this is how it’s done?

  10. Richard Jepsen 2 years ago

    If you didn’t listen to my call to tack, why am I the one out on this boom?

  11. Laura Brazil 2 years ago

    SHARK! On our starboard side

  12. ben shaw 2 years ago

    “Oh, did I forget to say ‘jibe ho’?”

  13. Jeff Collier 2 years ago

    I said boom brake… not boom break you guys. Come down from there… you look silly.

  14. jeff thayer 2 years ago

    how’s the leach tension now? or
    wouldn’t this cylindrical dohicky here be better at giving us the proper leach tension?

  15. Chuck Hawley 2 years ago

    “Next time, get a boat with more than two berths!”

  16. Jeff Collier 2 years ago

    I said boom brake… not take a boom break ! Come down from there guys… you look silly.

  17. Jeff Collier 2 years ago

    Their teams early attempts at mitigating uncontrolled jibes resulted in only modest improvement at first.

  18. Jeff Collier 2 years ago

    OK we’re ready … pass up the wax. You should be able to see your reflection when we’re done !

  19. Frank Menagh 2 years ago

    The crew was later heard to mutter that stripping out the berths to lighten the boat had taken it too far.

  20. chris mckay 2 years ago

    Need more berths in the cabin!

  21. Peter Bennett 2 years ago

    Move further out we are still stuck on the sand bar

  22. Jeff Collier 2 years ago

    What do you mean we have to stay up here until the tide fills back in ?

  23. Jeff Collier 2 years ago

    OK …Who farted. ? …. That’s not funny man.

  24. David Henry 2 years ago

    Can we get some pillows?

  25. Marc Lombardi 2 years ago

    “You’re not coming back aboard until you tell me who at my sandwich!”

    • Kelvin D. Meeks 2 years ago

      According to Captain Queeg – it was strawberries 🙂

  26. Patrick Brodereick 2 years ago

    Being part of the “Boomer Generation” is getting old,.

  27. Kent Carter 2 years ago

    The head to butt move is everyone’s favorite last ditch race tactic.

  28. MARK V BLUM 2 years ago

    Just hangin’ out.

  29. Dave Peterson 2 years ago

    Reef, gybe, slip and slide.

  30. Richard 2 years ago

    Ready to furl Captain!

  31. Lu Abel 2 years ago

    Darn it, I TOLD all of you bunk space was tight on this boat! Stop complaining!

  32. Scott Henry 2 years ago

    I don’t think I like these new-fangled berths on this boat!

  33. Scott Henry 2 years ago

    Hey Skip! Have we stress-tested the leech enough yet?

  34. Kelvin D. Meeks 2 years ago

    Are we off the reef yet?

  35. Mike Hay 2 years ago

    Please keep in on a broad reach. No running.

  36. Karen L Kleckner 2 years ago

    Whew? Who ate beans last night? That’s tonight’s provisions!

  37. Gil 2 years ago

    Skipper, we’ve been invaded by pole cats.

  38. Martin Thomas 2 years ago

    The outhaul’s gotta be there somewhere

  39. Admiral 2 years ago

    Accidental jibe! Not again, Skipper. We’re holding er down now!

  40. Augie Phillips 2 years ago

    Ok…four sheets to the wind…lay off the Chablis guys!

  41. Mark LeVander 2 years ago

    Keep looking, that missing outhaul line is there somewhere.

    • Martin Thomas 2 years ago

      great minds think alike, see abov

  42. Brian Richards 2 years ago

    Stand by to gybe/launch.

    That dog watch crew can sleep anywhere.

  43. Rosann Allenbaugh 2 years ago

    Gives a sailing perspective to “Can’t find his buttocks with both hands, a roadmap, and a flashlight”

  44. Ryan 2 years ago

    “Jeez, guys…it’s just a mouse!”

  45. Jeffrey D Phillips 2 years ago

    Chesapeake Log Canoe Training Vessel

  46. Mark E Eastham 2 years ago

    (The Skipper yelling) : ” WTFudge !….You guys are freaks !…..I said PUMP the boom ! ….. (mumbling)Sicko’s !”

  47. William Huber 2 years ago

    Is this how you get a Boom Crotch ?

  48. Jeremy Roth 2 years ago

    “Didn’t I tell you to scrape off those barnacles.”

  49. John Callahan 2 years ago

    All I said was, “ may we have a bit more weight to leeward, please”? Damn, this new crew is awesome!

  50. Dan Brenny 2 years ago

    Next time, I promise to obey the Captains orders

  51. Dan Brenny 2 years ago

    Hey Bob, you told me racing was fun. I haven’t seen any fun yet!!!

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