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February 2021

56Latitude 38 Sail-a-Gram

Just because there’s a health crisis ashore it doesn’t mean you’re not out sailing and smiling.

58Island Hopping in the Bay

Mr. Shrode and I were able to embark on travels to nearby places we've all seen but seldom if ever visited.

62Jim DeWitt —Sailor, Sailmaker, Artist

Jim DeWitt, a renowned sailor, sailmaker, boat designer and artist based in Point Richmond turns 91 in February.

66The Refit of 'Avocet'–Toe Rail to Bulwark

My husband Chris and I removed the teak toe rail from our 1979 Cheoy Lee 41 Avocet, and in its place constructed a bulwark, pulling inspiration from one of the most notable boatbuilders, Lyle Hess.

70South Pacific on Hold – Waiting Out the Pandemic

With the daily news still dominated by horrific COVID-19 stats, the economy wheezing along on life support, and political rancor more intense than ever, the idea of setting sail on an extended South Pacific cruise seems extremely appealing.

74Max Ebb – the Optimal Wind Is Free

By the end of the session, you will have downloaded and installed your very own weather routing optimization program, loaded a GRIB file, and calculated the fastest route to Hawaii, based on the latest wind forecast, for a boat similar to yours.
Download (PDF)