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Caption Contest(!)

Here’s your November Caption Contest(!) This photo was brought to us by Mark Bettis.

Your caption here.
© 2019 Mark Bettis

Don’t forget to look for the winner in the December issue of Latitude 38’s Loose Lips. Good luck!


  1. Avatar
    Joe Perez 1 year ago

    Stairway to heaven

  2. Avatar
    Phil Kinnison 1 year ago

    Stairway to heaven

  3. Avatar
    Tom Woodruff 1 year ago

    “The two most useless items on a sailboat.”
    This is one of them.
    (Umbrella is the other, I think)
    L.F. Herreschoff

  4. Avatar
    Damon Cruz 1 year ago

    Honey, where’d I put the other 10-footer?

  5. Avatar
    Jim Major 1 year ago

    Wife: “Should I call 911 now or wait for the sound of thump then splash?”

  6. Avatar
    Patrick Broderick 1 year ago

    Just a little confusion between Bosun’s Chair and Jacob’s Ladder

  7. Avatar
    Fred 1 year ago

    Where’s that Crow’s Nest?

  8. Avatar
    Gus 1 year ago

    No fear, just don’t let the deck hit you in the rear!

  9. Avatar
    Carl Bauer 1 year ago

    Olson 34 in the Delta. Doing Delta stuff!

    From OZONE

  10. Avatar
    Jim Boyd 1 year ago

    Do not try this at home!

  11. Avatar
    Scott Henry 1 year ago

    And that’s how high the crow’s nest will be

  12. Avatar
    Jeff Phillips 1 year ago

    One more ladder should do it

  13. Avatar
    Paul Schupbach 1 year ago

    Hey Bubba watch this !

  14. Avatar
    Kent Carter 1 year ago

    You first!

  15. Avatar
    Pete 1 year ago

    I’m afraid of the Bosun chair 😉

  16. Avatar
    Glenn Shinn 1 year ago

    What”s a Bosun’s Chair?

  17. Avatar
    Greg 1 year ago

    Don’t need no stinking drone

  18. Avatar
    RICHARD H KOSARCHUK 1 year ago

    Your turn to go aloft…..

  19. Avatar
    David Hume 1 year ago

    Introducing Little Giant, for boats!

  20. Avatar
    Bill Nork 1 year ago

    I asked the rigger to install mast steps before the big cruise. Not sure we were both on the same page.

  21. Avatar
    Bill Willcox 1 year ago

    Hold my beer. On second thought I’ll just take it with me.

  22. Avatar
    Admiral 1 year ago

    That Power boat threw up a Big wake, now the rigger is missing!

  23. Avatar
    Tim Mickleburgh 1 year ago

    For safety reasons, never try to use a ladder that is too short for the job.

  24. Avatar
    Steve Hodges 1 year ago

    the rung way to get high

  25. Avatar
    Chris Conklin 1 year ago

    If that cat goes up the mast one more time!…….

  26. Avatar
    Kelvin D. Meeks 1 year ago

    What could possibly go wrong…?

  27. Avatar
    Jim Conger 1 year ago

    Impossible? Hold my beer.

  28. Avatar
    Bill Willcox 1 year ago

    A shoe-in for the next round of Darwin Awards.

  29. Avatar
    Mark watson 1 year ago

    Bosuns chairs make my ARS look fat

  30. Avatar
    Jay Lambert 1 year ago

    One more section, Bob, and I can reach the windvane!

  31. Avatar
    Dan Brenny 1 year ago

    1. Would OSHA approve of this?!!

    2. No reason for a bosun chair

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