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Canadian Westabout Circumnavigator Aborts Attempt

The crippled ‘Kim Chow’ riding out a South Atlantic Storm under drogue. Aboard, skipper Glenn Wakefield waits to be transfered to the Argentinian research vessel ‘Puerto Deseado’.

© MRCC Argentine

After a rollover on April 24 claimed his solar panels, liferaft and a hatch in the South Atlantic, Victoria, B.C.-based Glenn Wakefield has called off his attempt at a solo, westabout circumnavigation. Having suffered broken ribs and a concussion, and with his Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 Kim Chow crippled by an inoperable engine, discharged batteries and water ingress due to the missing hatch, Wakefield was realistic about his chances of successfully rounding Cape Horn.

"After carefully considering the options Glenn felt he could not safely round Cape Horn and has made a very personal and difficult decision, and the only logical one under the circumstances, which is to end his circumnavigation," wrote Wakefield’s wife Marilyn on his website.

After waiting 48 hours under drogue for sea conditions to permit his transfer, Wakefield is now aboard the Argentinian ship Puerto Deseado en route to a rendezvous with an Argentinian Coast Guard vessel which will complete his transport to an unspecified port in the country. For more information visit:


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