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Calling on American Offshore Doublehanders

US Sailing is looking for two American coed offshore doublehanded teams to race in the 2021 Hempel Offshore World Championships. Even though a potential offshore mixed-doubles event has been nixed in favor of kiteboarding for the 2024 Olympics, the niche garnered a lot of interest and gathered a lot of momentum during COVID. It was just so much easier to sail with your own significant other, and more likely that there would be a race for you.

How to Apply

Interested teams should submit their sailing résumés and complete the application form no later than Thursday, July 15, 2021. US Sailing will announce results before the end of the month. Nostra Rosa Regatta will host the event on September 16-26 on the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

Check out the Notice of Race here and the selection procedures here.

It won’t be cheap. The costs are approximately $12,000 for charter of a Figaro 3, accommodations, food and ground transportation. That figure doesn’t include airfare and a damage deposit. Still interested? Apply here.

Figaro 3
The weapon of choice, Le Figaro Bénéteau 3, was designed for shorthanded sailing.
© 2021 Classe Figaro Beneteau

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