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Brian Finds Golden Ticket and Wins Latitude 38 Hat

It’s that time again! Earlier this month Latitude 38 reader Brian Ackerman found a Golden Ticket in his October issue.

Brian Ackerman holding Golden Ticket
Yes, the “Golden Ticket” is actually blue. We’re just keeping you on your toes.
© 2022 Brian Ackerman

Right now Brian is “between boats,” but he is a licensed captain (500 gt/Oceans), he manages the marine operations at Moss Landing Marine Labs, and he’s a longtime port captain.

Brian’s spouse Melissa is commodore at the Elkhorn Yacht Club “in beautiful Moss Landing,” Monterey Bay. This also happens to be the location at which Brian picked up his winning copy of Latitude 38. Don’t you wish you’d gotten there before he did?

And here’s an interesting fact Brian shared with us: For the past few years he’s been trying to raise money to build a 111-ft Tom Wylie-designed research vessel. If you’re reading this, Brian, we’d love to know more about this plan of yours!

Brian is claiming a turquoise Latitude 38 cap as his prize.

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