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Bliss on the Bay

Sailors took advantage of this weekend’s sublime weather to shake out the sails and dry out the boat.

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While sailors in many parts of the country spent this weekend winterizing their boats, Bay Area sailors were treated to temps in the high 70s. Ok, so there was practically no wind on Saturday (see the Weekend Racing Update on how racers fared) and Sunday offered a crazy couple hours of high winds, but Sunday afternoon made up for it all with a gentle — and surprisingly warm — 10-knot breeze out of the north. You could almost make out the grinning faces of the sailors enjoying the unexpected bounty.

One such sailor was Nick Jaffe. Readers may recall reading about Nick, who’d visited the Bay last year on his way from England to Australia aboard his Contessa 26 Constellation, in the July ’09 issue of Latitude 38. We last checked in with the adventurous Aussie after he finished his voyage in Coff’s Harbor almost exactly one year ago. 

Nick Jaffe can’t believe his good fortune at finding Harmony online. “I don’t want to go home,” he groaned at the end of this gorgeous weekend.

©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

During his six weeks in the Bay Area getting the Contessa ready to cross the Pacific, Nick was shocked to learn how inexpensive boats are here. Once he returned to Oz and sold Constellation for significantly more than he would have received here, he kept his eye out on Bay Area listings for bigger cruising boats in good condition. One day in February, he ran across a listing for Harmony, a nicely outfitted Aries 32 in Sausalito, so he had some friends check it out. It wasn’t long before Nick was the proud owner of a boat he’d never stepped foot on — and wouldn’t until last week, when he was finally able to visit the Bay.

"This wasn’t the first boat I’d bought sight-unseen," said Nick. "I did the same thing with Constellation." Though an unorthodox way to buy a boat, the tactic has worked out well for Jaffe. "I love Harmony," he said. "I finally have standing headroom . . . but I still walk around slumped over!"

As this post is being written, Harmony is on her way back to the boatyard to be hauled and stored until the next time Nick can get back the the States. But the next time will be the last time, as Nick plans to do the ’11 Delta Doo Dah and Baja Ha-Ha, then head off to points unknown. You can keep track of his plans at

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