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Baja Ha-Ha XXVII Opens For Registration at Noon on May 6

Grand Poobah Richard Spindler wrote to announce the opening of the 2021 Baja Ha-Ha:

Why sign-up right away? The earlier you sign up, the higher you are on the list to get a berth in Cabo San Lucas at the end of the Ha-Ha.It may not seem like a big deal now, but for a lot of folks getting a berth after nine days ‘out there’ is an attractive proposition. Particularly for women.

The Ha-Ha, as you probably know, is the 750-mile cruisers’ rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas that will start on November 1. Since it is a cruisers’ rally, participants can use their engine whenever they want, be it for safety or convenience. There are R&R stops along the way at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria, as well as social events before, during and after the fleet reaches Cabo. Boats must be 27 feet or longer and have been designed, built and maintained for offshore sailing. There must be at least two crew. There are daily roll calls and weather forecasts.

It’s a big ocean, but when doing the Ha-Ha you’re almost always in sight of several other boats. The photo is of the mothership Profligate in not atypical sailing conditions
© 2021 Richard Spindler

The 63-ft catamaran Profligate will be the mothership for the 24th year. Collectively here crew will have done the coast of Baja over 150 times. For the Notice of Rally, further details, and to sign-up, visit

Profligate Last Leg
The last leg of the Ha-Ha is bittersweet, as everyone both hankers a bit for the dubious pleasures of land, but will miss the beauty of being out in nature.
© 2021 Richard Spindler

Over 10,000 sailors have done the Ha-Ha, and speaking as the Grand Poobah of the 26 previous Ha-Ha’s, I hope you’ll join us.

Squid Row
Having made it to Cabo, most of the fleet enjoys the wild and crazy, but PG rated, evening of dancing and popcorn throwing at Squid Roe. Don’t be surprised if you surprise yourself by dancing on a table, too.
© 2021 Richard Spindler
Cabo San Lucas
Swimming in the glorious warm waters off Mendano Beach, with some of the anchored out Ha-Ha fleet in the background.
© 2021 Richard Spindler

Sign up for the 2021 Baja Ha-Ha here.

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