Baja Ha-Ha Leg 1 Report

I love the Baja Ha-Ha. Love, love, love it!

Sure, there wasn’t much wind in the 360-mile first leg, although lots of boats got in a day or so of light-air sailing.

The mothership, Profligate, under sail in light air. The Poobah dropped his iPhone upon the drone landing.

© Richard Spindler

But the weather has been mild, the fishing great, and the people terrific. We’re talking about nearly 500 people from all over the West Coast — as well as Basel, Switzerland, and Hamburg, Germany — on 130+ boats.

The fleet anchored out beyond the Turtle Bay fuel dock.

© Richard Spindler

Some folks are circumnavigators. Others, like the folks on the Lagoon 470, sailed across the Atlantic from Europe, the wrong way around Cape Horn, up to French Polynesia, then Alaska. Take that, Bill Lilly.

The beach landing at Turtle Bay.

© Richard Spindler

And I was just given a bag of ice from the Northwest Passage by Charlie and Cathy Simon of the Taswell 58 Celebrate. Cools drinks in the desert environment of Baja really well.

Restaurant Maria has food in front, showers and laundry in the back.

© Richard Spindler

Yesterday’s cruiser and Mexican kids baseball game was epic. Starting pitcher the Grand Poobah pitched for 90 minutes, gave up no strikeouts, no walks, but had an ERA greater than the national debt.

The cruisers vs. Turtle Bay kids baseball game underway.

© Richard Spindler

During that occasion the pitching machine and 60 baseballs, donated by the folks on Whistle Wing V, were presented to the folks and kids at Turtle Bay.

Nothing but focus in the outfield.

© Richard Spindler

It was fun, fun, fun.

Ha-Ha sailors wait their turn at bat.

© Richard Spindler

Today is beach party day. Yahoo! Volleyball, tug-of-war, boogieboarding, and more.

The anchorage, with Turtle Bay in the background.

© Richard Spindler

The forecast for the 240-mile second leg is perfect: 10 to 15 knots of wind from the northwest for two to three days. I’d love to tell you more, but the all-day beach party and bonfire are about to start. Wish you were here, because it’s really great.

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