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Twenty-Eighth Baja Ha-Ha Fleet Arrives in Cabo San Lucas

It feels as if they all just left, but after almost two weeks of fabulous sailing and fun in the sun, the 28th Baja Ha-Ha fleet has now finished a light-air final leg to Cabo San Lucas.

2022 Baja Ha-Ha Finish
The Baja Ha-Ha fleet arrived in Cabo San Lucas yesterday.
© 2022 Predict Wind

But actually, it ain’t over till it’s over. First, there is still the awards ceremony (tomorrow night), which is hosted by Marina Cabo San Lucas. Every boat gets an award. Each division has a first and second place, then everyone else ties for third place. Then there are other special awards and, of course, stories to be told long into the night.

Yes, the 28th Baja Ha-Ha has concluded another successful passage. Some see it as the end of the show, but others see it as just the beginning of their adventure. A few sailors may be heading home, but the vast majority are just beginning a year of cruising Mexico, or are on the first step of a multi-year cruise. The Swan 46 Black Swan of Mission Viejo, with skipper Nadav Rozenberg, has already slipped around the corner to La Paz.

Talion - Patsy Verhoeven
From the deck of the Andrews 56 Encore, Patsy Verhoeven and her crew aboard Talion demonstrate why it was such a sweet year for the Ha-Ha.
© 2022 Encore

We’ll have more on the 28th Baja Ha-Ha in the December issue. If you’re reading this in Cabo, enjoy your season! Now, will you sail north to the Sea of Cortez for the Baja Beach Party in La Paz, or wherever will the wind take you? If you’re dreaming of next year it’s never too early to start planning.

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  1. Tim Dick 3 months ago

    Malolo continued to Punta Mita and will sail to Nuevo Vallarta in January.

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